Oklahoma City guide to iconic places

The city is the capital of the state of the same name, it is a major industrial and business center. The city’s economy is developing very successfully, so the authorities allocate a lot of funds for the development of the tourism business. Several new hotel complexes have already been built in the city and a lot more is listed in the construction project for the coming years.

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In addition to hotels and hotels, new concert halls and entertainment complexes are being built; a lot of large-scale holidays and festivals are held in the city. One of the most significant celebrations is Thanksgiving Day, when colorful parades take place on the streets. All day long, locals have fun, put on performances and enjoy treats.
One of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma is the Myriad Botanical Garden. Many large-scale events and holidays are also held here. The main pride of the garden is the greenhouse called “Crystal Bridge”. This is a real tropical garden, you can admire outlandish plants endlessly, and surrounded by skyscrapers and skyscrapers that fill the city, they look even more amazing.

There are three beautiful lakes on the territory of the city: Stanley Draper, Overholzer and Hefner. One of the favorite entertainments of tourists was walking along the quiet surface of the lake on small boats. The lakes are surrounded by a park area, so there is also a lot of space for walking. Vacationers with children should definitely visit modern amusement parks, and sports fans will like the new complex, which has a fitness center, swimming pools and several gyms. The city has several museums, among which are the Museum of Science, the Museum of Oklahoma History, as well as galleries of Western art. Shopping enthusiasts will find huge shopping centers, which offer a wide selection of a wide variety of goods.

One of the most unusual areas of the city is the Paseo quarter, which was built in the 30s of the last century as a colony of artists. The area still retains its unique bohemian feel, with several interesting art galleries, designer clothing stores, and attractive restaurants. From an architectural point of view, buildings in the Spanish Renaissance style preserved here are of interest. Interesting places for walking and shopping can be found everywhere.

Nearby is the colorful Little Saigon quarter, where the largest Vietnamese community in the city has been living on its territory for many years. Here, travelers will be interested in visiting original Asian restaurants and shops selling Vietnamese delicacies and souvenirs. Even while walking around this area, you can see many beautiful buildings in oriental style.

A symbolic historical monument for the city is the Capitol. Its construction was carried out for almost a hundred years. It began to be erected in 1914, but the lack of funds forced the construction to be constantly stopped. For a long time the building was without a dome, however, in 2002, a luxurious 47-meter dome was finally built. The Oklahoma City Capitol is the only one in the world that was built over an oil well. Today, visitors to this historic site will be able to admire the unique works of art hidden within its walls.

One of the oldest buildings in the city is the house of Henry Overholster, the founder of the city. This luxurious mansion was built in 1903 and its exterior combines many different architectural styles. Today, the mansion is a bit like a classic French chateau. Since 1972, it has been run by the city’s historical society. Interesting excursions are conducted around the luxurious building. A collection of antique furniture, works of art and other household items is kept within its walls.

The main religious attraction of the city is the beautiful Cathedral of St. Joseph, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The main building material during its construction was red brick. One of the main distinguishing features of the cathedral is sharp spiers made in dark color. Today, visitors to the cathedral can admire its elaborate stained-glass windows that have adorned the building since its construction. Further

Cultural attractions in Oklahoma City

A large and lively city, Oklahoma City attracts fans of outdoor activities, shopping and nightlife. Fans of exciting excursions will not be disappointed as the city has a variety of attractions. The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum remains the most visited site. It is dedicated to the tragic events of September 11, 2001.
It was erected on the site of the Alfred P skyscraper, which was completely destroyed in a terrorist attack in 2001. The memorial is a pair of identical gates separated by a pool. Along the pool there are 168 small monuments in the form of chairs, on which the names of the victims of the terrorist act are carved. Near the monument there is also a part of the surviving wall of the building, which is also called the “Wall of Survivors”.
The Kirkpatrick Center is an important site that should be included in the mandatory excursion program. This is a large-scale cultural center, which is the location of several museums at once. Those who wish to learn more about the history of the city and the state of Oklahoma should visit the Oklahoma History Center Museum.
Its extensive collection of artifacts acquaints visitors with the most important events in the history of the city. Several halls of the museum store a collection of art objects, the museum also has important historical collections, as well as archaeological finds. You can continue your acquaintance with the cultural traditions of the natives during a tour of the Museum of Art (Oklahoma City Museum of Art). Among its exhibits are collections of paintings, sculptures, national costumes and musical instruments. More about cultural attractions Read more

Things to Do in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City can offer its guests entertainment for every taste. Vacationers with children will be interested in visiting the local Oklahoma City Zoo. Among its inhabitants are leisurely elephants and rhinos, more than ten species of monkeys and meerkats, formidable tigers and colorful parrots. The zoo has a large play area for children with various attractions and playgrounds. After walking along the extensive enclosures, visitors to the zoo can move to the indoor area where the terrariums are located.
Frontier City can rightly be called the most popular amusement park. It is a large-scale center with carousels, fountains, slides and sports fields, as well as a recreation area equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Young visitors can try out a variety of attractions in action, ride a children’s tram, try specialty treats in one of the local coffee shops and stroll through the picturesque park.
Lovers of outdoor recreation are also in for a pleasant surprise – an abundance of beautiful gardens and parks. You should definitely look into the Myriad Botanical Gardens, which presents to the attention of visitors an extensive collection of exotic plants and flowers. The garden has a pavilion with cacti, which are especially beautiful during the flowering period, as well as a separate area with medicinal plants and decorative flowers. In addition to beautiful plants, the garden is decorated with fountains with unusual sculptural compositions, which makes the walk even more enjoyable.
For hiking, Martin Park Nature Center is perfect, which is distinguished not only by the abundance of plants and flowers, but also by the diversity of its inhabitants. There is a small pond in which turtles live, while walking you can see lizards and frogs, as well as a huge number of birds. Fans of active pastime will love Earlywine Park, which houses a popular aquatic center. In the warm season, visitors have access to an outdoor pool and spacious terraces for sunbathing.