Rules of roulette in online casinos

After its invention in the middle of XVII century, roulette has been repeatedly banned, and the church leaders even considered the game to be machinations of the devil, as the sum of the numbers on the wheel is 666. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular gambling entertainments. The basic rules of roulette in casinos are known even to those who have never been in a casino. Before you make a bet, they should be studied in detail, as well as get acquainted with TOP online roulette strategies.

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Different types of roulette in casinos

In the best online roulette casino you can find dozens of roulette varieties (3D, mini, no-zero, classical with additional rules, etc.), but there are only three basic types:

  • European. The most popular version, which is considered traditional. It is with her it is better to start acquaintance with gambling entertainment. European roulette includes a field of 36 numbered sectors (from 1 to 36) and zero. A player bets on one of them and gets a payout if the ball stops on the right number. The operator advantage is 2.7%, and the theoretical return is 97.3% – which is more than in most slots.
  • French. The field in it is the same as the European one. But the terminology used is in French. The peculiarity of this variety is the La Partage rule, which halves the house advantage (up to 1.35%). This makes French Roulette more profitable for the player.
  • American. A key feature is the double zero, which increases the casino’s advantage to 5.26%. Roulette online USA has an additional sector that allows you to place special types of bets, such as two zeros. The theoretical return is 94.74%.

In land-based establishments, the American version is played with different coloured chips, which makes it easier to pay out winnings. The denomination is set at the customer’s discretion (the dealer indicates the amount on the chip).

Outside the table these chips have no real value. Before leaving the table you need to exchange them for standard chips. European establishments use standard chips, the denomination is determined by the value at the cash desk of a particular casino.

Roulette consists of a table with a field (a table for placing chips) and a spinning wheel. The table may also have a special marker for verbal betting, or a track. The wheel contains red and black cells with numbers from 1 to 36, as well as one or two zeros (0, 00) on a green background.

General roulette rules

Play online roulette is easy, the player acts as an opponent in the casino. The aim is to guess in which cell the ball stops moving. The round begins after the previous chips have been removed from the table and payouts are made to the winners.

In land-based casinos, bets are taken during a spin. How to play roulette in the casino can be explained in general terms by the dealer. The best online casinos for roulette contain a brief synopsis of the basic rules, and bets are placed before the Start button is pressed.

As soon as the ball stops spinning on the wheel, the dealer marks a sector on the table according to the number. Chips with unplayed bets go to the income of the casino, and all winning combinations are paid out in winnings. In online roulette sites the number designation and payouts occur automatically.
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Strategies for playing roulette in casinos

In roulette, luck determines the outcome. But experienced players use systems and tactics that help them manage their bankroll correctly and increase their chances of winning. These are mainly concerned with controlling finances, online casino roulette tips:

Limiting the pot. The amount used for gambling entertainment only should be limited. When playing online, the rounds are quick, so it is advisable to have at least 1,000 bets in your bankroll. In land-based establishments, where table limits are higher, the amount depends on the player’s financial means. By analogy with poker, it is enough to allocate 30 bets for a session at one table.

Average bet. Small denominations will allow keeping the bankroll longer. It is optimal to divide the pot into two unequal parts: 75% to be spent on equal chances, 25% to be used for aggressive play, which can bring the most profit. This is a strategy with moderate risk.

Stop Loss. An effective way to limit losses. The exact limit of loss depends on the size of the deposit. In one session, it is advisable to spend not more than one tenth of the bankroll.

Stop Win. It is required to determine in advance the maximum value of winnings in cash equivalent or as a percentage of the size of the bank. Experienced players advise to pause in case of increasing the active deposit by 20-30% and withdraw the winnings. Users who prefer an aggressive strategy can use this amount for risky bets with high payout odds.

Most winning strategies for roulette games online are based on probability theory and mathematical calculations. When playing in land-based venues or Live Casino, potential wheel faults and the dealer’s individual handwriting are taken into account.  In this case, an attempt is made to predict the outcome based upon an estimate of spinning speed, taking into account the initial position of the ball on the wheel.

How to play roulette at Live Casino

The principle of play online roulette games at Live Casino is not unlike the game process at land-based casinos. The results of the draw are governed by physical laws. Until now, games in this format have had no demo versions, but NetEnt has recently offered to play with live dealers for free.

With electronic roulette games, online casinos use a fundamentally different approach to determine the results. They are randomly generated by a computer program. A random number generator (RNG) continuously generates lines of code, where each new result is independent of the previous ones. The result is determined by the moment the player presses the Start button. A graphical visualisation of the spinning wheel is shown to the user.