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Online poker is any variant of club poker where the game is played over the internet. Online poker is usually played with software that can be downloaded and installed to your computer. There are more and more non-downloadable (flash or java) versions where you can play through a browser on any operating system, and specialized online poker sites for US poker players. There are also already versions for PDA and mobile phones. Read on online poker reviews to find out more.

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The online poker industry has been growing at a tremendous pace in recent years, with the player base doubling every six months. Growth has slowed down a bit recently due to restrictions in the US, but the number of online poker rooms and players is still growing. US online poker is now a major gambling industry,

Many people think that poker is a very simple game, but it is not. Poker is a complicated game, but you do not need to be a genius to beat weak players; simple strategies are sufficient. The easiest way to learn how to play any casino game is to study the online poker tips of experienced players.

Unlike online casinos, the online poker legal offers a much wider range of options for you to win money in total honesty. All you need to do is learn the basics of the game to play at a premium against weak opponents, and great players are capable of earning fantastic sums of money. More and more players are appearing who live off the earnings of poker, and these earnings are much higher than what can be earned in a regular job.

In addition, the best US online poker sites also offer various bonuses that can help you stay afloat even if you’re not a very good player. Plus, in poker there is the opportunity to earn money for free, and if you’re lucky you’ll make good money.
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The difference between online and offline poker

There’s a big difference between online and offline poker. Firstly, online players can’t see each other; the game is played at a cardboard table with only avatars of the players. As a result, on the one hand a player can hide his emotions while on the other hand there is no way to take advantage of clues such as gestures or the behaviour of his opponents. Thus, play online poker in US increases the mathematical component of poker a little, though one can still use such parameter as decision-making time as a hint (it should be kept in mind that many players, especially professional ones, play at several tables simultaneously, so waiting time of their turn can mean nothing).

Secondly, there is a difference in the speed of play. Shuffling cards and dealing them by a real dealer takes time, there’s usually more time to make a decision offline (online the turn limit is usually about 20-30 seconds), as a result there are 2-3 times less games played offline in the same amount of time than online. Also, offline a player can only play at one table, while online a player can play at any number of tables. Many players play 2-10 tables at a time, which increases the dynamics of the game as well as the profits, although it requires very quick decision making.

Thirdly, poker online play offers much more options in terms of different games, limits, and opponents. While offline poker clubs are mostly open only a few hours a day with a few tables, mostly Texas Hold’em tournaments with one specific buy-in or cash 1-2 different limit (usually medium limit), online poker has a much richer choice. You can choose from a dozen different games, there are tables from 1 on 1 to full, a rich variety of tournaments, limits from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars. Opponents can be found at any time of day (except for the most unpopular games).

Fourth, games online poker allows you to use a variety of additional programs. Some of them help with odds calculation and game maths, others gather information on the player and opponents, allowing you to analyze the game and find both your own weaknesses and opponents, while others help simulate different situations and make the right decisions.

It is also clear that there is a difference in the atmosphere, inhaling tobacco smoke and so on. At the best poker online websites you can play at home, providing yourself with the most comfortable environment possible.
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Safety in online poker

The safety and security of online poker is one of the most important and worrying topics for many players. When it comes to financial security, any poker room that gathers more than a thousand players at a time should receive enough money to survive and pay out money to players. The point is that the poker room itself is not directly involved in the game and as a casino does not take any risk. The room receives the rake regardless of the results of individual players. Hence, there is another important point – it does not make a lot of sense for the room to “cheat”, to “manipulate” the cards. Thus, the problem of random number generators (RNG), which is relevant in casinos, is not particularly acute here, although it is discussed.